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To help facilitate the transition to 7 levels of ranked tournaments, the USTA will be importing results from existing 2020 tournaments that count for National and Section ranking points and converting them to the new ranking point table.

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Here are the steps: Take a Tennis Ratings Quiz. Learn the rating levels. Find players to help you ...

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Ultimately, your rating is based on your match results. If you are unsure of your level, choose the higher level of play. Once you've read the descriptions, you can create a free USTA account and self-rate your tennis level at any time. Click here for guidelines on self-rating. Click here for characteristics of each NTRP level.

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Ratings are your National Tennis Ratings Program (NTRP) skill level assignment for participating in a USTA League, USTA Junior Team Tennis or in USTA-sanctioned adult tournaments. Rankings & Standings are determined by points earned and your results at USTA-sanctioned tournaments. The information below breaks down some of the major differences: Used in. Junior NTRP Ratings: USTA Junior Team Tennis. Adult NTRP Ratings: Skill level is generated by results in USTA League and/or USTA NTRP adult ...

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Of all the descriptions of plaver levels -- from "A, B and C" to "beginner, intermediate, advanced" -- the best system was developed bv the U.S. Tennis Association in 1979. The USTA defines player levels on a scale from 1.0 to 7.0 in its National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP). A condensed version appears below. Take a few moments to determine your likely playing level. 1.0 Just starting to play tennis 1.5 Has limited experience and is still working primarily on getting the ball into play. 2.0 ...

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An NTRP Rating is a numerical indicator of tennis-playing ability, from 1.5 (beginner) through 7.0 (touring pro), which aligns with a set of general characteristics that break down the skills and abilities of each level, in 0.5 increments. Ratings are generated by play in USTA Adult Divisions of 18 & Over, 40 & Over, 55 & Over, 65 & Over, Mixed 18 & Over, Mixed 40 & Over and Mixed 55 & Over.

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5.0: Played DIII or low-level DI tennis. They likely dedicated way too much of their lives to playing tennis for no actual reward. That being said, they’d probably the kick of ass of anyone playing USTA still. 5.5: Decent DI tennis. These are amazing players, but the difficult truth is that they’re not elite.

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6.0, 6.5, 7.0 – If you want rank of 6.0, then you must have extensive experience and training for playing national tennis matches and top college level competitions. You must also possess a national tennis rank based on your past performances. 6.5 and 7.0 are the top ranks of NTRP tennis rating system.